• Skyline Diffuser
    Skyline Diffuser
    The solid wood diffuser restores the sense of sound space and enhances the sound quality of the hall. The acoustic characteristics meet the national standards. With the use of acoustic sound-absorbing panels, the ambient sound quality, clarity and three-d


    Sichuan Senhix Acoustics Technology Co., Ltd.

  • LED Bathroom Mirror with Clock
    LED Bathroom Mirror with Clock
    LED bathroom mirror with clock is a rectangular lighted mirror designed with two LED light strips at its two sides, which is compact in appearance with a strong sense of modern style. It Is quite popular among people who enjoy bright and simple bathroom d


    Sanying Lighting Limited

  • Glass Wool Batts
    Glass Wool Batts
    Product introduction of the glass wool batts FANRYN glass wool insulation batts are made of long and resilient glass fiber, bonded with a thermal setting resin. The FANRYN glass wool batts are a superior thermal insulation with excellent sound absorption


    Beijing Fanryn Technology Ltd