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3-Aminopropylsilanetriol (adhesion Promoter) CAS NO 58160-99-9
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Product: Views:1203-Aminopropylsilanetriol (adhesion Promoter) CAS NO 58160-99-9 
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Silane Coupling Agent KH-553

. Description

Chemical Name: 3-Aminopropylsilanetriol

Molecular Formula: C3H11NO3Si

Molecular Weight:137.21

CAS NO: 58160-99-9

EINECS NO: 261-145-5

Structure Formula:

.Typical Physical Properties

Boiling Point


Density(ρ20, g/cm3)


Refractive index(n 25℃)


Flash point



Water,  isopropanol, acetone,

.Application Field

1. This product is aminosilane prehydrolyzate, suitable for aqueous system formula,also used as adhesion promoter.

 2. This product can be used as additives in water-based sealants, water-based paint,Waterborne adhesives and water-based primer and other aqueous systems. It has significant effect to reduce the system viscosity,  to improve the pigment dispersion, improve adhesion and mechanical properties.

3. This product is particularly suitable for wet surface treatment process, can also be used as a metal Surface treatment, silanization of the metal surface modification.

. Usage

1.This product is used as an additive, the amount of silane is generally formulated 0.5-3.0%, the most appropriate amount needs to be determined experimentally.

2. This product is particularly suitable for wet surface treatment process. It can be sprayed, coated, impregnated, etc. directly with the surface of inorganic materials for processing. It is also can mix silanes directly with the filler under high shear without adding any solvents.

3. the surface of the filler after treated with silane, the surface of the silanol group can be condensed by natural air-drying or short drying at the temperature of 105 ° C to 120 ° C to remove the methanol and water. The optimum amount, use and drying conditions (such as time and temperature) for each application need to be obtained experimentally.


5L/plastic barrel, 25L/plastic barrel,

200L/PE plastic barrel, 200L/iron barrel

When stored under atmospheric pressure below 20 ° C in an original unopened container,The shelf life of this product is 12 months from the date of production.


We can also provide other specifications according to your request packaging, please telling us in advance when ordering.


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